Chocolate ice cream bowls made from balloons!

Chocolate bowls

Chocolate Party Bowls

Ice Cream Tacos

Fill an ice tray with melted chocolate, put in strawberries, refrigerate util chocolate hardens

Roasted Peach & Lavender Ice Cream

Cookie Dough Cookie Bowls

classic ice cream cake

My kids would love this. Ice cream for breakfast!?

cake and ice cream..cute idea

How to Rim a Glass with Chocolate (and Sprinkles!) by larecetadelafelicidad #Chocolate_Sprinke_Rimmed_Glasses #larecetadelafelicidad

Chocolate Raspberry Cups Recipe…

CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN CANDY BAR! I know it's hard to believe.. I'm feeling a dark chocolate bar.. a hint of lavender and cayenne.. walnuts.. and vanilla granola.. What's your bar?

Berry ice cream.

Guinness Chocolate Ice Cream

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

strawberry ice cream brownie cupcakes

What a fabulous idea for a halloween candy bowl!

Pumpkin pie ice-cream

Prescoop your ice cream into cupcake liners and store in the freezer, ready for the crowd (and avoid having to strong-arm the nearest 'volunteer' of the moment). #Ice_Cream #Prescoop _Ice_Cream #2makeendsmeet