Can-Can™ Rose Star Calibrachoa

Calibrachoa 'Million Bells Antique Rose'

~Callie Star Pink ~ Calibrachoa by GPN and LGR~~

Superbells® Grape Punch Calibrachoa

New Petunia Colors Tequila Sunrise | punch petunia calibrachoa superbells dreamsicle petunia calibrachoa ...

Calibrachoa, Mini Famous Compact: Vampire Red

100 Calibrachoa Minifamous Double Amethyst Live Plants Plugs Garden Patio S6 #Calibrachoa

CALIBRACHOA Noa Dark Pink Carnival

~~Petunia ‘Superbells Grape Punch’, Calibrachoa~~

Superbells® Cherry Star Calibrachoa is a gorgeous variety that has risen to horticulture fame quickly because of its unique pattern. It is the first Calibrachoa that has a star pattern and holds this look in the heat of the summer as well. Fabulous in containers, baskets, window boxes or anything with good drainage.

Superbells® Dreamsicle Calibrachoa hybrid

Minifamous Double Blush calibrachoa

Double Calibrachoa Double Amethyst

Superbells® Blue - Calibrachoa hybrid

Superbells® Cherry Red - Calibrachoa hybrid | Proven Winners

Yellow Rose


wild rose

English Shrub Rose: Rosa 'Rose-Marie' (U.K., 2003)

Frost on Roses

Fire and Ice rose.