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  • Savannah M.

    panthera leo

  • Beckie Kerr

    The Lion King, one of my most favorite disney movies gave me a love and respect for large cats they are such beautiful animals.

  • Shelby Bond

    King of beasts

  • Han Mac

    Beautiful creature and would make a beautiful tattoo design. Symbolises courage, strength loyalty and a protector

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Leos don't have time to play petty games because they are doing important things, and your opinion simply does not matter.

i know this isn't a puppy. lol but its sure so i put it with my puppies :)

this would be so much fun to draw, with chalk pastel on black paper :3 I should do that

He was older than any other animal, older than the oldest clown, and much, much older than the circus itself.

"Q U I E T ! --- you're giving me a HEADACHE!! -- cubs these days -- they're just nuthin' but TROUBLE!!!"

The very regal and contented M'bari, San Diego Zoo's reigning lion. Photo credit: San Diego Zoo.

In the presence of quiet power - it does not need to shout or proclaim for it simply is.

Lion, King, Jungle, Gray, Ease, Animal, Strong

Badger - Surrey, UK - Their lower jaws are articulated to the upper by means of transverse condyles firmly locked into long cavities of the skull, so dislocation of the jaw is all but impossible. This enables the badgers to maintain their hold with the utmost tenacity, but limits jaw movement to hinging open and shut, or sliding from side to side.