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No hate.

I Waste So Much Time

Despite that fact that we all have problems, sometimes it just takes a moment - and a friend- to put them all into perspective.

All I ever wished for...

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Atheistic Tendencies - Classic - Gallery

Atheistic Tendencies - Classic

If being gay offends you more than starving children then its time to reevaluate your sense of morality

All the way

I know someone bisexual and transgender>>>> I am bisexual. :> oh and I have a pansexual friend, a panromantic asexual friend, and a lesbian friend.

True Love Always Wins…  awwww.

True Love Always Wins…

10 Fresh Memes Today!# 6 The First Problem For Jobhunting.

An accurate description of life.

An accurate description of life.

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please repin!!!!! everyone is perfect!!!  ❤ #gayisokay

Hell yes. Am I gay? Do I support gay rights? My parents don't support gay rights, but I think people should be able to like who they like.