The heart braid!

5 strand upside down french braid into ponytail by @mimiamassari

Flip braided heart


Waterfall braid.

diy 5 strand braid and bun wedding hairstyles

2 Braided Hearts Video |

Two Sweet Hairstyles for Girls: The Heart Braid (via

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Simple Bun Updos Pairs with Loose Braid

Heart braid! This will be how my brides maids hair will be:)


Love braids!

20 Braids to Inspire a New Back-to-School 'Do

what the what?

3 Braids into 1 Braid

For a super polished look, try working more than the typical three braiding strands together into one sleek, tight, and gorgeous braid. A five-strand braid makes for a much more complex look.

wedding braid hairstyle