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____________________Paz ___________________União __________________Alegria ________________Esperança _______________Amor.Sucesso ______________Realizações.Luz _____________Respeito.Harmonia ____________Saúde.Solidariedade ___________Felicidade.Humildade __________Confraternização.Pureza _________Amizade Sabedoria.Perdão ________Igualdade.Liberdade.BoaSorte _______Sinceridade.Fraternidade.Força ______Equilíbrio.Benevolência.Gratidão

I need some stairs so // J'ai besoin de quelques escaliers pour

"Yarn bombing" is a relatively new form of hypermediacy. Not only is this a form of abstract art, the bright colors draw attention to the shape of the tree trunk and display. This new type of art could be used to call attention to people walking by and ultimately making a statement about an issue. Protest art is becoming more and more common and this could potentially be used for that!


Les œuvres de ce street-artist sont absolument MAGNIFIQUES !

Farid Rueda #StreetArt "Balam" "Son of the Sun" in Maya language - Playa del Carmen, Mexico