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Giant Schnauzer puppies

Magnet Schnauzer by doggiedrawings on Etsy, $4.00

Buy No Home Is Complete Without The Pitter Patter Of Doggie Feet! by randrsigns. Explore more products on

Giant Schnauzer puppies

"Today I will be THANKFUL for all the pawprints on my floor & the slobbery kisses on my face & the hair on my clothes. For there will come a day when there is far too much room in our bed and these days will be profoundly missed." #dog

Alert and scruffy Schnauzer

owl by Elizabeth Letourneau this may be the look I am want my owl to have in my tat...

Love your dog!

Giant schnauzers - beauties!

Giant Schnauzer

That is so true

Giant Schnauzer

Gotta have two

Absolutely No Alternative, EVER!

So glad Diamondgail got her forever home with @Kayla Beachy-Ottman


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The magical iridescent blues greens of peacock feathers


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Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance... The five stages of waking up.

So so so true! #truethat

Elephant This painting is for sale in my etsy shop!

There are some great paintings on this link.

mermaid by sugar22 traditional art drawings other 2008 2013 sugar22 ...