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    Puns. Puns everywhere.: Reese Witherspoon, Giggle, Puns, Word Play, Funny Stuff, Funnies, So Funny, Can'T Stop Laughing

    You had one job...


    Not entirely sure why this is so funny.

    An alpaca? Janice? Hahaha... My boyfriend calls her horse face too!!: Look Alike, Celebrity, Giggle, Funny Stuff, Funnies

    OMG, this was too funny not to pin.

    Haha! @Lea' Davis

    Poorly placed tags....


    dying. So true though @Sara Evans @Madison Wilkins @Andrea Hausknecht @Cami Kehl @Samantha Lennartson how i feel with all of you! haha: My Friend, Friends, Truth, My Life, Funny Stuff, So True, Humor, Funnies


    funny unintended illusions...hilarious

    DO. NOT. READ. AT. WORK. :) "Took me 15 mins to read this because I was laughing so hard I couldn't see. I cried. Seriously. Read it." -- said previous person. So, while crossing my fingers (mentally of course) I start reading. Previous person gets a gold star for above comment. I just laughed my a$$ off (pun intended! haha you'll see)

    I don't know why this is so funny...

    lady gaga

    Stand by me... I used to say this all the time lol

    This makes me laugh!