• Chantel DiDominicis

    Princess Diaries' characters Michael Moscovitz (actor Robert Schwartzman) and Mia Thermopolis (actrice Anne Hathaway). "- Why me? - Because you saw me when I was invisible." The Princess Diaries (2001) was based on the novel by Meg Cabot, the book was better but the movie was pretty good.

  • Emily Vos

    #theprincessdiaries #movie #quote #disney #princessdiaries #disneymovie

  • Gabrielle Penland

    My favorite non-animated Disney film. The princess diaries

  • Tiffany Star

    Still one of my favorite movie quotes. "Why me? Because you saw me when I was invisible". The Princess Diaries. <3

  • Andie June

    One of my favorite movie lines

  • Amy Clark

    The Princess Diaries My all time favorite movie and the books were pretty good, too.

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