the perfect summer photo #kids

wild! by the little red house.

perfect picture

Photo idea!



perfect capture.

yep...we all did this as kids

Finger Painting is Fun

Newborn photography. Would be even more perfect if the parents were turned so you can see the smiles on their faces as they look at their wonderful creation :)

Hurray for Summer!

I love the watermelon photo idea. :) I saw it on someones FB photog page too. She had one girl in a little white dress and one in a navy blue dress. I am stoked to dress up the girls for this. :)

picture perfect

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Perfect light

When taking photos of precious moments with your children, look for opportunities to capture little things like this. Sometimes body language is just as cute as a headshot.


Chelsea Marie Photography

Dandelion morning

This would be my kid. Nerdy lil thing, not givin' a f*ck 'cause she's zonin' to her beats.