Stop the clock when your babies are born. A moment in time, changed forever. I love this idea!

Adorable ...

A picture of the boys with the clocks stopped at the moment each of them was born.

A Moment in time....

Frame and Scroll 12-Piece Set I want this to go over the sliding glass door with a frame in the middle to spell family with more pictures!

Cute idea

this is a good idea...

comfy bay window seat. Love the end tables built in. This has nap time written all over it!

On the panes opposite the picture do: their initial big and then decorate scrapbook-style with descriptive words, or Chalkboard paint and change what it there often.

3 small bookcases= reading nook. Love this idea!

always liked "the best of times" thing...but i especially love that it includes their coming home clothes.

Ceiling idea for a child's room - I LOVE this!!!

Living room ideas...

Good for all unsightly wall additions

DIY Wall Clock Ideas - MB Desire DIY Ideas

Love this layout!

Photos of your children each with a clock below "stopped" at the exact time they were born. LOVE.

A Moment in Time changed forever birth dates Vinyl Decal Wall Art Lettering Decals **cute idea for kitchen wall**

cute :)