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I once heard that there are 2 ways to approach the path to finding the significant other you spend your life with. 1) You can have many loves, and only one soul mate; 2) You can have many soul mates, and only one love. I believe, based on my experiences so far, my path will be the latter.

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18k Gold Ruby Heart Pendant

Pallet-Style DIY Sign: together is our favorite place to be. love quote

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Wedding Ceremony Reading: Pablo Neruda's Sonnet XVII

How I feel.

Absolutely. Be strong. We've come to some large hurdles but gotten through them ALL. Never let anyone make you feel like you have to give up. Stay strong and push through it with a smile on your face. That will piss them off and only make you stronger! ;-)

Having a rough morning? Place your hand over your heart. Fell that? That's called purpose. You're alive for a reason. Don't give up. -I have to remember this for any rough day. :)

I would like to point out that C. S. Lewis did NOT say this. But Walter M. Miller DID and it's a nice thought.