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Spirit of the Earth™ Barbie® Doll | Barbie Collector

Spirit of the Earth Barbie Doll - 2001 Native Spirit Collection - Barbie Collector

it is a MEXICAN barbie!!!This means a lot to me because  my dad is from mexico and i<3 BARBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ancient History of Baby Dolls

Princess of Ancient Greece™ Barbie® Doll | Barbie Collector  Collector Edition  Release Date: 12/1/2003  Product Code: B3461

Princess of Ancient Greece Barbie Doll - Dolls of The World - The Princess Collection.

Sports Illustrated™ Swimsuit Barbie® Doll | Barbie Collector

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Pink Splendor, designer not recorded.  This was more of the typical "pink box" Barbie in one sense, escept for the size of the skirt's train -- a real execution of this would have a train of maybe 4-5 feet on the gown!  Created strictly for over-the-top beauty, and limited to 10,000 in the edition.

Barbie, Limited Edition, 1996 Pink Splendor Barbie I bought her as a graduation present!

Barbie is Eternal Barbie Doll ('12)

20 Weird, Insane And Extremely Disturbing Barbie Dolls

2012 Barbie is Eternal Barbie Doll - Convention Collectible Barbie Dolls - Product