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Talent mobility 2020: PwC report investigates the future of international work. Number of people on international assignments increased by 25% in the last decade; further 50% growth predicted by 2020 Global organisations placed employees in an average of 13 locations in 1998, this increased to 22 by 2009 and could reach 33 in 2020 New ‘capital’ cities will emerge.

Have you ever wondered whether you’re doing the right thing by your children, traipsing them across the globe as part of an international assignment and exposing them to the globally mobile life? Y…

Benchmark your global mobility program: 2015 Global Assignment Policies and Practices Survey #KPMGtaxevent

Infographic: Who’s Taking International Assignments – and Why via Mercer

How an international assignment at PwC can change your career -- both abroad and when you return to the US firm. PwC's Tina Pantaleo traveled to Amsterdam, Korea and Hong Kong as part of an extended four-year assignment. Now back in Boston, Tina reflects on the personal and professional enrichment her global mobility at PwC has brought her.

Even with the firsthand experience he gained through two personal overseas moves, Mark Burchell, SGMS, still found the formal training in the Worldwide ERC® Global Mobility Specialist (GMS)® program an eye-opener about what truly drives an international assignment’s success. “

Commitment to global mobility remains strong via Mercer

A guide to differences in business etiquette around the world for globally mobile professionals from the international health insurance experts at Medibroker. Send this to your international assignments!

Cultural Awareness Eases Expatriate Assignments Getting comfortable with the local culture is essential for expatriates who want to optimize their experience working in their host countries. And improving the cultural awareness of expatriates (and their families) is also essential for employers who want to ensure a reasonable return on their investment in global mobility programs

Financial Services in Philippinesfrom Financial Services in Philippines

Features and Benefits of Global Banking Services

Global Banking Services - Global Banking is great for those who have an international appetite or for those who have international requirements. You could be traveling abroad, relocating to another country or moving or working abroad on international assignments or looking to benefit from overseas investment opportunities.

Support and Retention Strategies for Cross-Border Assignments examines the talent mobility strategies multinationals are adopting to keep up with the rapid pace of globalization and gauges the current mobility assistance being provided to these employees and their families while on international assignment. The research provides an in-depth analysis of the international assignment process from the assistance and practices followed prior, during and upon return from the assignment.

Employers Worldwide Explore Alternative Mobility Strategies More than ever, global mobility directors face increasing complexity in the number and types of international assignments to be managed. “Ever-increasing globalization, internal cost and staffing pressures, and competing priorities among different regions or business units challenge today’s global mobility manager to strike the proper balance when designing international assignment policies and practices,” Mercer Consulting.

# 39 Global Health Program: As part of Pfizer's responsibility toward global health, Pfizer is involved with following programs: - Global Health Fellows which send Pfizer employees on short term assignments overseas - International Trachoma Initiative to globally eliminate blinding caused by Trachoma - Mobilize Against Malaria, company's program to battle malaria - Global Health Partnership to combat cancer - Infectious Diseases Institute to provide preventive healthcare - Diflucan…

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Use of mobile over clinical trial recruitment

As you consider the effect of the mobile Web on your medical studies, it’s useful to look at mobile adopting and behavior data for potential clinical trials member. The sources in it are an excellent starting point doing that.