A wonderful array of blouses and skirts from the May 1940 edition of Marie Claire magazine. #vintage #1940s #fashion #illustration


c. 1940's

A lovely selection of 1940s collars. #vintage #fashion #1940s


"For although the War Production Board is intent on keeping yardage used by the ready-to-wear industry down to a minimum, it will not freeze fashion ingenuity." Women were encouraged to Make do and Mend. Patterns on how to repurpose not only your but your husbands clothing into new dresses, shirts, coats and pajamas were produced along side rationing coupons. #vintage #WW2 #1940s #fashion


Maisonette Salesman's Sample Card late 1940s vintage fashion style color photo print ad illustration 40s war era suit shirt top blouse for every suit white pin tucks pleated pleats red skirt updo hair

Le Petit Echo de la Mode, 1943

1940s couture dress by Stop #Beautiful Dress| http://vintage-styles-dock.blogspot.com

RARE Vintage 1940s Advance 5625 One Shoulder Wing by RomasMaison

1940s skirt by DearGolden

1940 - turbans and veiled hats


Vintage 1940s Dress Pattern Vogue 5204 by FloradoraPresents, $40.00

gorgeous 1940's pleated coat from Sew Vera Venus ~


Fall fashion trends of the 1940s : Due to wartime necessity, trousers for women gain popularity for their functionality and smartness.

Early 40's fashion

1940 Blue Lace Vintage Wedding Gown from Mill Crest Vintage

1940's War dresses