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Visit your local farmers market for some fresh flowers this weekend! ‪#‎lilly5x5‬


Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarves

Lilly Pulitzer Watch Out Print

The best pieces for your perfect fall wardrobe!!

Spring Fever Toile - Spring 2012 #fashion

Lilly Pulitzer Fall '13- Bait and Switch Print

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Lilly Pulitzer Resort '13- Follow the Sun Print

Rose Water - Fall 2012

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Lilly Pulitzer Resort '13- Trippin And Sippin

What a catch #lilly5x5 @carrielewis71

Lilly Pulitzer She She Shells Print

Conched Out - Summer 2012

9 of the Most Popular Lilly Pulitzer Prints From the Past-Let's Cha Cha – Summer 2013

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