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Heineken Ideas Brewery: HEINEKEN sees the potential to take inspiration from technological advances and the development of other industries to create an exciting new era in draught beer.

HEINEKEN, Pecha Kucha and Cool Hunting pick (Limited Editions) Future Bottle Design Challenge finalists | March 2012

Heineken found a great way to keep track of their audience's beer intake while retaining their enthusiasm for the event.

A rubbish ad produced by Samsung. This is where there multimillion dollar marketing campaign went. Although it has generated a lot of hate and criticism, it has worked to promote their new smart TV. I guess now we just have to wait for the results in the quarterly report.

A great advert by Adidas. You can feel the energy and all the action game/movie references make it that much better. The colorful effects help give it that extra edge on their shoes. Any sports fan will watch this over and over.

How movie studios make money. Where are the opportunities for women here? Worth thinking about?

These are two new Old Spice commercials that have yet again gone viral. The first one is great but the second one, in my own opinion, could be a bit better. Old Spice. Never gets old.

Interested in a Polish co-production? This is all about it

A viral ad that targets skaters. To be honest it is one of the few adverts I have seen for a skate shoe. This will dramatically increase sales for Nike SB due to the fact that it is just simply epic and depicts how we tell stories about tricks and events.