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bachelorette party Lea Dozier sparkly dress, feather, and bride to be - this just might be a pick we need to take at the bach party! :)

Nancy Chambers Julie Poss Jessica Leonard I think something like this for Lindsey, for Nashvilee what do y'all think??

i love the idea of personalizing your bach invites so the bride looks like you and the maids look like themselves. how cool would that be?? maybe i could pay @Danielle Hammon could make this for me!

This chick throws a "Trophy Husband" Party for her hubby every year, for his bday, and invites his buddies and their wives. She's got some cute + funny details, like this cake topper. Haha

Bachelorette party based on the movie Bridesmaids...ok really cute but I might have to kill myself if I actually did everything here (they really ordered three puppies!! they are crazy)

haha @Meredith Carlton we need this for the softball party! we can change the B to a P!