9 beauty techniques from around the world

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25 Beauty Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Summer Beauty Tips And Tricks is different from winter beauty. Subtlety is the key, but a little sparkle may also be best. If you know how: the balance between too much and too little delicate.

Great Makeup Blog

7 beauty secrets from india/middle east

Excellent tool for demonstrating the use of techniques to change the size appearance of the eyes.

all natural home beauty treatments

32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About (With Pictures) The BEST thing I've ever pinned!!

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Keep that lower lid liner from dripping

10 Secrets I Learned at Makeup Artist School - Lesson No. 5: Make Your Eyes Pop by Changing Their Shape - how to contour all eye shapes

This blog has great NATURAL beauty tips and tricks! Including, how to make stretch marks disappear and how to thicken your eyelashes!

8 Korean Beauty Secrets You Should Definitely Know

Tips for healthy hair & how to make hair grow faster!!

How to get long, healthy beautiful hair. I would recommend any of these to my friends who always ask how my hair is so soft and smooth! Here it is, my hair mask secrets! From a wonderful blogger.

"6 secrets I learned at makeup artist school"

"I used to do this in college...then I got lazy...should try again! Want to get a healthy skin without going to the spa? Here's how you can achieve the spa-like experience at home with the easy steps! Enjoy!!" Worth a try!

The BEST brush for bronzer! It's my secret for perfect contouring!

33 Ways to make your Eyes look Bigger.