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Make time for your Art (it's important)

I need to remember this. Making time for art is not only important for my work but important for me too.

too many ideas not enough time  #magician #magicianarchetype #archetypalbranding #archetypes

ughhhh story of my life! (although I think it's more like, 'Too many ideas, not enough discipline to FIND the time to actually WORK on them!

Ah, much close to what I mean wen I talk about Art! The medium doesn't matter. The artist may dabble in various different mediums in the course of their lifetime.

Are you an artist looking to promote your business or make residual income online so that you can spend more time in your studio? I am an artist, work from home and love it!

Art Class display: Be ARTiculate! | PinFive

this is supposed to be for art, but I LOVE these powerful words to anchor a writing center! Art Class display: Be ARTiculate!

Art therapy

"Art makes you think big."-From exhibit ""Art iz" inspired by Fred Babb" by (Art ID from Alum Creek Elementary School— grade 4 United States

watercolor and ink. my heart aches to create something beautiful. by ashleyinzer, via Flickr

Lana Red Studio: Text Art Love This would probably be a bad example of text art. The piece is pretty, but the design and text really don't elevate or add anything to it.

Entfessle Dein kreatives Potential und entwickle kreative Ideen.

Rules of a creator's life edition Do more than you're told to do. Try new things. Teach others about what you know. Make work into play. Take breaks. Work when others are resting. Always be creating. Make your own inspiration. Love what you do, or leave.