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  • Cameron H

    lord of the rings funny | Funny Lord of the Rings pictures, photos, fan art. LoTR.

  • Shelley Dahl

    If Frodo can get the ring to Mordor, you can get out of bed. iPhone Alarm clock.

  • Sara Vanderpool

    wake up frodo can get ring mordor you can get out bed

  • Ermilia Coauthors

    If Frodo can get the ring to Mordor, you can get out of bed. #snooze #alarm #wakeup #lotr Lord of the Rings Alarm

  • Jacquelyn Arends

    Morning motivation for LOTR fans

  • Lance Duhe

    Self motivation, in the form of Lord of the Rings

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This is the best thing I've ever seen. It contains LOTR reference, Argon and is anti-exercise:)

i want this as a tattoo on the back of my neck so bad

Frodo vs. Harry Frodo: gets stabbed with a morgue blade, makes friends with an enemy (gollum), and delivers the ring to mount doom but is to chicken to throw it in so Sam has to do it. Harry: does all this awesome magic stuff but would be dead without Hermione, one time he actually gets to lead they end up wandering the woods for 5 months. Harry vs. Frodo- Hermione and Sam win!!!!

hahaha!! I laughed too hard.. hahaha!! That's just so funny!


One of the best Lord of the Rings posters Ive seen. watch this movie free here: realfreestreaming... :: Dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings :: Humorous Images

Lord of the Rings and Twilight. Sorry, this was so funny that I simply could not resist!