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    I have wanted to be a Stay-At-Home Mom ever since I was young.  When you are young, the one thing everyone asks is what do you want to be when you grow-up?  Over the years, my responses changed...

    You spend 9 months preparing for your newborn but you can't forget about yourself. Here's what all mommies need after giving birth.

    from Smart Mom Smart Ideas

    10 Girlie Mom & Daughter Dates

    Girls love to have fun with their moms! These amazing mom & daughter dates will create unforgettable memories. Which mom & daughter date is your favorite?

    from Joyful Tots Learning

    10 Ways to Avoid Stay-at-Home Burnout

    Being a stay-at-home parent is one of the most rewarding jobs, but it doesn't come easy. Parents staying at home with children can easily burnout because of the anxiety of raising children all day with no break. Click through to read 10 ways to avoid stay-at-home burnout!

    from Nurture and Thrive

    How to be a Calm Parent Even When Your Kids are Out of Control

    Do you ever lose it with your kids and feel guilty? Do you ever stay calm and feel drained? Join the club. It's not just about being calm, but also being centered. Let be calm and strong moms together! Be a calm mom.

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