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so awkward.  so gangly.  so cute!

This Is Sammy.I love giraffes :) This Is Sammy.I love giraffes :) This Is Sammy.I love giraffes :)

Beautiful picture of mom and baby giraffe!❤❤❤

Mother Advice from a Giraffe: "Keep your Chin Up." Your True Nature

BABY GIRAFFES!!!! STOP WHAT YOUR DOING TO LOOK AT THIS! They are probably just the second most awesome animals right behind cats.

40 Photos Of Baby Giraffes

MISLABELED This is NOT a baby giraffe! It's a baby Dik Dik. A very small species of antelope. A baby giraffe is tall at birth.this Dik Dik won't even reach tall as an adult.

Our new baby giraffe has a name! The keepers have chosen "Nakuru", which is a place in Kenya where Rothschild giraffes are found (one of the most endangered giraffe subspecies).

z- Giraffe Calf (Nakuru) Kicking Up Her Heels- Auckland Zoo (Rothschild Giraffes, Kenya)

I BET I CAN HOLD MY BREATH LONGER THAN YOU CAN.                                                                                                                                                     More

Amazed giraffe says "you" "40?" card

Please Say Hello To This 1-Month-Old Baby Giraffe

Please Say Hello To This One Month Old Baby Giraffe. Omg this is so cute, I love giraffes!