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    Sounds like a nightmare.

    Invisible spray...

    Interesting that a sign like this is needed....

    Sounds like a fun job!

    Sold by eaches.

    Lemons...perfect for orange juice.

    Deer crossing?

    But where can I tie down my hovercraft?

    Remind me not to eat at Wendy's....

    Well, that's disturbing...

    What the heck?

    Some punctuation would have been beneficial here...

    Remove child before washing.

    Now hiring thin Hawaiian.

    No, we're good. Thanks. .... 8o

    If you need the warning sign, you probably shouldn't be driving.

    Baby needs what?

    washing instructions

    How much money did they spend figuring that one out?

    Truthful advertising.


    Just a gut feeling...

    Desperate Times Require Desperate Measures

    No thanks.