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Nurse RN LPN Student Nurse or Tech Humor Magnet Code Brown Doesn't mean Chocolate Magnet

Christmas jokes for nursing staff

Funny pictures about Grinch's Heart. Oh, and cool pics about Grinch's Heart. Also, Grinch's Heart photos.

I just LOLed

Nursing eCard: "Omg, there is blood in your IV tubing? This is a sign of imminent death! Just be patient while I get a lifesaving flush, okay?

Technically I'm not a nurse but yeah I feel the pain too. Love my nurses.

Wow, this sounds familiar! If you want to watch your employer build a brand new 80 gazillion dollar hospital wing every year instead of giving you a raise, become a nurse!


Funny Workplace Ecard: I wear bodily fluids that aren't mine, I work weekends & holidays, I get screamed at & have my hands in other peoples orifices. Tell me again how hard you work?