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Lots of Reading Bulletin Boards at this site

The Teacher Organizer: Objectives Board

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Spotlight Work On Stage Bulletin Board - 25 Creative Bulletin Board Ideas for Kids,,

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Bulletin board to share funny book recommendations

Reader's Choice: Would you recommend this book to others?

take photos of classroom anchor charts, and the kids make it into a take home book to remember all the learning strategies, etc.! What a great idea!

Bulletin board in classroom

They wrote their hopes and dreams in balloons and attached a picture of themselves soaring with them. Make "Oh the Places You Go" Bulletin Board!

Shelf Talkers: students complete shelf talker to recommend a book. Model with first classroom read aloud. Shelf talker must contain: title of book, author, color, eye-catching illustration, persuasive language, and teaser summary of book giving setting, character(s), problem, plot preview, description of author's style.

BLIND DATE WITH A BOOK: Love this idea to teach kids giving a book a chance. "Blind Date with a Book" Activity for independent reading. Wrap up books and decorate with key words that relate to each. Students pick a book, unwrap it, record it and read for 30 pages. Good date=keep it, finish it, review it. Bad date=return it, and write about why it wasn't the book for you. Great "get to know yourself as a reader" activity! I am SO doing this!

Read about how I teach themes in my classroom!

The Show Me Librarian: Read Me! Blurb Bubbles for Kids Great idea for our book recommendations!

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Book Report Alternative! This would be a great pocket chart to have in the class library. Let students recommend books to one another!

Bulletin Boards to display student work

A Teacher's Treasure: bulletin boards: Teacher uses settings from books to track on a map. Great idea.

Reach for the stars... Wall mural ideas