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An Ad Agency Office Filled With Tree Chairs, Sky Caves, And Table Villages

At first glance, Ogosta’s design for the 6,000-square-foot warehouse doesn’t seem all that unusual. But a closer inspection of the sleek particleboard furniture reveals that something isn’t quite as it should be. Each piece of furniture is a “hybrid,” an unlikely combination of two objects with no obvious relationship. For example, a city block has mated with a desk to create workspaces that look like little gabled houses.

Groninger Museum, Netherlands

Hanging lighting is interesting--Golden tower Groninger Museum, Netherlands-- designers Maarten Baas, Studio Job and Jaime Hayon

When in...Berlin: Two Firms Collaborate On Betahaus Temporary Workspace

In Rome, where new buildings are regularly constructed over ruins, architects find themselves ignoring ancient columns in order to attain basic geometry. That's not remotely the...

Ex-Cons Transform a Factory Into a Dazzling Recycled Office [Slideshow]

Recycled wood as office dividers | The HAKA Building by Doepel Strijkers Architects [all local materials either second-hand or from demo sites, ex-cons built it]