Hmmm... cute

Glitter tip acrylic nails

glitter nails

I want to do my nails like this!!

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Mint pedi!

Time for Glitter Party Nails

pretty blue and silver

beautiful <3

Cute nail design Free Nail Technician Information www.nailtechsucce...

Mermaid colors

Pretty Pretty

glitter nails... love these

Pay attention to your shape. Although the almond and pointier shapes could look cool, they could also weaken nails and make them more susceptible to breaks. | Healthiest Nail hack



Pink glitter over black polish... 1) Apply a glossy black polish and let dry 2)Apply a pink glitter polish to a makeup sponge and dab on the very tips of nails until you have a solid pink tip 3)Create a gradient using less and less glitter towards the nail bed. 4) Voila! Glitter Gradient Nails! [cuticle area is sloppy, but cute overall]

Chevron and glitter


Glitter on glitter