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Enjoying the little and the not so little beautyful things and charming treasures life has in store for us and sharing what I am finding on my journey through this world and the internet. If you like my tumblr, you might like my blog Charming Quark too

Now that the election is over (Finally). There are 2 things of certainty: Coffee in the morning. Another 4 years of bad SNL skits of a bumbling idiot (Democrat or Republican, it makes no difference) in the White

Coffee and denim go so well together. This blog is for anyone who loves the feel of (raw) denim and the smell of fresh coffee. And all that comes and goes with it. Tough like denim. Strong like coffee.Instagram : @djeezzzie

Gustavo Sanches - NYC 22 year old international model Photographer of lots of things Model backed by: Specimen MGT Fusion NYC City Paris Milan ↓ Click Links ↓ [ Home | Self Photos | About Self ] [ Ask Box | Photos I Take ] [ Instagram: ] [ Archive ] |