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  • K M

    love this website!

  • carissa frasca

    Auto Correct* almost died , I couldn't breathe cuz I was laughing soo hard! Lol

  • Anita Henson (Paparazzi By Anita)

    Funny Text Message - Hey! I just saw on CNN there was an earthquake near you. Are you OK? Yes! We're all fine! What did it rate on the titty scale? Well they only jiggled a little bit, so probably not that high. HAHAHHAHAHAHA I LOVE YOU. Richter scale. My phone is a 12 yr old boy.

  • LOL Funny WTF

    Lol sounds like something i'd say. Without autocorrect. - | - Auto Correct Text Fails

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I'm certain some of my recent texts will eventually wind up here.

  • Nicole Marino

    What I find funny about this pic is he has WIFE next to her name.. He must have a hard time remembering how she is.. Lol

  • Savannah Moore

    ICE stands for In Case of Emergency so if someone finds his phone, they know who to call.

  • Nicole Marino

    Ohh.. That's nice to no cause I didn't no that.. :)

  • Corina Marquez

    I was wondering why his wife was ICE

  • Nicole Marino

    Well at least I'm not the only one wondering that lol

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Sweeeeeeetnesss to the max! Checkout my website and support my new clothing line and my mission to help orphans in Uganda

Lol!!! I keep coming across this and I laugh way more than I should every time

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Damn you auto correct! Easy way to waste hours at a time! - p.s. Avoid reading these in public places. You'll find yourself laughing out loud frequently!

There comes a point when you're so overworked that the stress tips you the other way and everything is hilarious. I have reached that point.

I'm laughing so hard...that's literally what that sound like. Sing this. Seriously.

I don't have an iPhone, but I do love the autocorrect fails.

Omg, i just laughed way too hard at this!

I have no idea who the bottom chicks are but this is funny as hell XD THEY EXIST

Oh my gosh, I'm sorry to say I LAUGHED at this! Little piggy is cold…

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