red enamel teapots, coffee pots and kettles for plants - on rear fence

Enamel Teapots



Vintage Coffee Pots

enamel teapot

Vintage enamel tea/coffee pot.

Plant pot


Vertical Herb Garden - Flower Pot Tower |

Vintage coffee pot

red red red


vintage enamel coffee pots

Coffee Pots?

Enamelware Green Coffee Pot\\\\\.....really..Really sweet 'old' green EW coffee pot..dkw

Pots and plants


Flower (tea)pots.

Du Pot Assortment of Cactus

antique art deco yugoslavia enamel ware tea pot kettle 30's. I love the reddish orange colour patterned shapes in it because it reminds me of a campfire that Indians traditional have. I like the handle as it gives me an idea that the style is very old. The style if the lid, colour, and detail reminds me of a tipi which also goes great with my theme for design 'Cowboys and Indians'.