Watch a funny cat video: Funny cat going down the stairs. This hilarious cat certainly has a strange way of getting down the stairs.

This HGTV Host Just Took the First Dance to a Whole New Level

We like to think we know a lot about HGTV's hottest hosts, but this video of Income Property star Scott McGillivray's wedding dance proves there's always

Sweet Jumpy Kitty :3

Einfach verboten süß - Nikita die kleine Ninja Katze!

You Have to Hear This Cat to Believe It!

Strangest cat meow EVER! Someone taught this cat the wrong animal sound!

smiling chihuahua

The Smiling Chihuahua

VIDEO: Watch this adorable Chihuahua dog named Bebe smile. She loves to smile.

Thanks human, you save my life and my cuteness...A wonderful rescue story about a kitten named Wasabi-Chan

Some Helpful Life Hack Tips, Let's Make Life Great Again!

This sweet baby is named Wasabi-chan. The tiny Japanese kitten was found crying on the street last month after surviving a vicious crow attack, that left her with a fractured jaw and a hole in her throat.

Darling "game" of what ? !  Tic Tac Toe -- CAT edition ? !  Three kittehs in a row or diagonally -- and then one wins ? !

Kittens playing in cardboard boxes - too cute to handle! Who knew cardboard boxes would be such a fun toy for kittens? Definitely a DIY kitten play toy. Forget the cat nip and scratching posts - use cardboard boxes!

Dois Gatos Brincam Na Neve, Mas Um Deles Faz Algo De Inesperado! - Videos Virais

Elaine burrows in snow, this would be my cats if they were outdoor cats.

Cat Teaches Baby How to Walk

Cat Teaches Baby How to Walk (Video)