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    The boric acid in borax is an extremely effective roach killer when used properly and can help you get rid of roaches without a pricey exterminator.

    How to Use 20 Mule Team Borax to Kill Roaches

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    Mom's Homemade Super Laundry Sauce One Single tablespoon does a whole load of wash! $1.76 for 128 loads of laundry? Safe for HE machines. ~ This makes 1/2 Gallon of concentrate ~ 1 bar Fels Naptha (Yes, the ENTIRE Bar!) 1 cup 20 Mule Team Borax 1 cup Arm Hammer Washing Soda (NOT BAKING SODA!!) 4 cups of hot water

    How to Use Borax on Ants

    Need to research if safe with pets/kids Another Pinner Said: Kill weeds by sprinkling borax where you've seen weeds previously appear. This is useful for weeds that surface in concrete cracks and on walkways, but shouldn't be used in the garden because it will also kill your plants. Sprinkle some borax around the perimeter of the house too and you'll be free from ants and other intruding insects.

    Fluster Buster: 30 Uses for Borax - WWII Series

    Ant Poison DIY. 1/3 cup sugar, tablespoon borax, 1 cup warm water. Mixed to dissolve. Soak a cotton ball in the mixture and art out for ants.

    remember....Borax ant bait. Borax is the most common ingredient in house ant control products, and get this: it's absolutely 100% natural. The best way (in my opinion) to use Borax is to mix 1 cup of warm water with 1/2 cup of sugar, and 2 tablespoons of Borax. Then soak the Borax mixture up with cotton balls and place those cotton balls near any trails the ants have established in your home. Feeding frenzy... tomorrow they'll be gone. I knew there had to be a way to do this naturally!

    It sounds crazy, but it works! A quick and easy DIY carpet cleaner and deodorizer.

    This is the all purpose cleaner I actually made. Water, Borax, Castile Soap, and Vinegar. I also added a little orange fragrance oil and I used peppermint Castile Soap... smells so good and clean :) Works! Just mix it in something else before putting it in a spray bottle so the Borax dissolves.

    There is a commercial ant killer on the market made with the first bait that uses borax, and it REALLY works well, but at first it seems like you have more ants because they will flock to it. 2 to 3 days later they will vanish for good though... so dont panic just let them feed away.

    Can't wait to try this easy, safe recipe for getting rid of ants.

    dishwasher soap - Baking Soda + Borax (all-natural household cleaner, available at many stores in the laundry aisle) Mix together equal parts of each ingredient, store in a labeled container Use just like a commercial powdered detergent, approximately 2 TBS per load. That is it! Each load will cost you mere pennies.

    If you pinned the home made cleaner of equal parts Dawn and vinegar, THROW IT OUT and pin this.

    Turn whites back to white whites. It's a laundry miracle!

    How to Get Rid of Roaches in 5 Steps

    home remedies to get rid of roaches

    How to clean a dishwasher.

    DIY Tutorial: How to Steam Clean Carpet. You can save a ton of money with a DIY carpet cleaning.

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    How to Prevent Water Spots on Shower Doors! ~ at - this simple little trick works like a charm on showers! #thefrugalgirls

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