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As one of the Royal Navy’s Hunt Class MCMVs, HMS Quorn represents the cutting edge of Mine Countermeasures capability. Constructed from glass reinforced plastic, HMS Quorn utilises her powerful sonar, underwater mine disposal vehicles and embarked mine clearance divers to locate, prosecute and destroy mines anywhere in the world.

The remote minehunting system(RMS)successfully completed developmental testing,Dec.9.RMS consists of remote multi-mission vehicle (RMMV) & towed AN/AQS-20A variable depth sonar.System’s purpose to provide detection,classification,& localization of bottom,close-tethered,& volume mines in single pass,as well as provide identification of bottom mines.RMS will be deployed on littoral combat ships (LCS) as a component of LCS mine countermeasures (MCM) mission package (MP).

USN deployed MK18 Mod 2 Kingfish underwater unmanned vehicle for ops in 5th Fleet area.An autonomous underwater unmanned vehicle (UUV) used by USN for mine detection missions.pre-programmed and designed to scan waters for targets or threats while offering sailors faster post-mission analysis using the Navy's Mine Warfare and Environmental Decision Library (MEDAL) and Command Operations Interference Navy (COIN) systems.

Royal Navy warship HMS Montrose flexes her warfighting muscle with the successful firing of a Harpoon missile - capable of destroying a target up to 80 miles away.