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Footage from aboard aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle,cruising towards Indian Ocean.Before it crossed Suez Canal Jan.26 carrier battle group “Arromanches,”built around nuclear-powered carrier Charles de Gaulle,conducted operations & exercises with allied forces in Mediterranean sea.12 Rafale,9 Super Étendard Modernisés (SEM),one E-2 Hawkeye & 4 helicopters embarked on carrier that is expected to join French military operation in Iraq against the Islamic State soon.

Armée de l'Air Puma of EH1 / 67 "Pyrenees" on SAR alert on the French Marine Nationale BPC Mistral (equivalent of US and Royal Navy LPD/helicopter carriers) in the Mediterranean. Behind Eurocopter Panther (development of the Dauphin/Dolphin). - Archives © Joël-François Dumont.

Feb 6,2015-Capable of carrying up to 40 aircraft,nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle has been conducting in interest of France GAN (aeronaval group) ops around the world for 15 years. Under the project management of the DGA1, and the prime contractor DCNS, the vessel's refit includes a number of onboard devices supplied by global optronics and maritime navigation specialist Sagem (Safran): the navigation and alignment system, intelligence systems and a number of landing aids.

28-03-2015. To mark the passage of the American USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group French Marine Nationale Dassault Rafales of 12F squadron and American F18s conducted joint training flights. Saturday, March 28 in the morning, pilots and technicians of the two countries were busy on the French Naval Air Base of Landivisiau and the aircraft carrier Roosevelt. Maneuvers were prepared off Ushant. The engines roar, ready to join simulated combat. Two Rafale Marines take off from the…

Egypt reportedly seeking to acquire a single NH90 multimission for its new FREMM frigate,transferred by DCNS to Egyptian flag 23 June 2015.Navy Recognition,quoting several Middle Eastern news outlets,reports Egypt about to procure NH90 for multi-mission frigate Tahya Misr (originally French Navy vessel Normandie).Apparently follow-on orders expected since Egypt has 4 Gowind corvettes on order from DCNS.Helicopter Egypt would get would be NH90 NFH already in service with French Navy.