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I don& know if this belongs with my geek stuff or the photo stuff! this is awesome in so many ways. Clearly an off scean shoot with the angel and the what& from a prio season of Dr. I hope it was a snap in the moment.

"Maybe he's the reverse of 11. He acts all dark and spooky, but he's really just a kid." :)

"Maybe he's the reverse of He acts all dark and spooky, but he's really just a kid." << True,,,like a kid in an old body wanted to be loved for the one he really is. The Doctor.<< Twelve is the best

Do you want to build a snowman for the tenth Doctor and the Master. If this isn't perfect I don't understand the levels you need for perfection.

Do you wanna steal a TARDIS? - Do you wanna build a snowman parody. His face cracks me up!

Superwholock. Oh my torchwood

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I actually cried reading this if I were the girl in the story I would die if that happened this show was my escape from my life and it brought me so many tears of happiness and joy. This just shows how much fandoms mean to people

Textpost Edits: Tenth Doctor edition That second-to -last one was the best!

Textpost Edits: Tenth Doctor edition - plus these are awesome text posts in general

Matt, "I love you Karen." Karen, "Ew, gross Matt." Arthur, "Um, where's my kiss?"

Matt: "I love you Karen", Karen: "Ew, gross Matt", Arthur: "Where is my kiss?

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Spelling errors aside, what the heck is up with this. You can't just SKIP episodes. And btw 10 is life so don't you dare skip him and Rose os the best companion ever you will never understand how much i ship them.


I usually NEVER pin actors or actresses because I don't think people should "look up" to them, but David Tennant is an exception.

OH. MY. GOSH. That is the BESTEST cosplay I have ever seen. That little girl has freaking AWESOME parents!!

This geeky little girl decided to dress up as 11 of the doctors from Dr. -- Cutest thing ever.<-- my friend sent this to me with the caption "found your future kids' Halloween costumes!

The XV Doctor remembers...

My favorite episode what makes this episode even better is that the doctor is quoting Mary poppins

Ha. I cant stop looking at this lol

Matt Smith as the Doctor in the Anniversary :) Look at his fabulous hair blowing in the wind.