*too funny*

When you use Wine Bottle Glass it holds a full bottle of wine so you’ll only have to fill it up once! So no more judgmental looks from family and friends on how times many times you have filled your wine glass! An awesome and funny gift for wine lovers! Holds a 750ml full bottle of wine. Genius!

there's a chance this is vodka

Yes! I knew it wasn't really a hangover!

So, so true!! :-)

Wine! How Classy People Get Shitfaced | Lisa Zigler on Google+ #wine #drinking #funny

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 85 Pics

You're welcome dudes!

"I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food." #quote about #food and #wine

Let me try this!


need one.


YES PLEASE!!!.. Work would be a lot more fun!

I present, the beard hat (also known as the beardo). $39.99

wine. wine. wine.