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This is Sargeant Stubby, hero and veteran of WWI, and perhaps the most decorated War Dog in history.

War Dog Memorial at the March Air Reserve Base in Riverside. During the Vietnam War, more than 4,000 dogs served in various positions, said Michael Lemish, a military dog historian and author of “Forever Forward: K-9 Operations in Vietnam.”

Sargeant Reckless, the horse that carried ammunition to soldiers during the Korean War. She marched riderless through walls of bullets and fiery explosions to deliver munitions to the men at the front. She was left behind when her unit returned home… but petitioning quickly brought her stateside. She lived a full life. Some heroes have four legs.

Iwo Jima: War Dogs Can "Take It." "King" wasn't mentioned in casualty lists from Iwo Jima. But if a dog deserves honorable mention, it is "King". A German Shepherd, this heroic war dog suffered eight shrapnel wounds in the heavy fighting here. Bandaged at a first aid station, "King" continued to do his duty. He is shown with Marine Private Steven Hruby.

Lex watched over his handler as he slept in foxholes in Afghanistan. According to Goodavage, Lex would "sneak out from under his foxhole, eyes and ears on alert for anything unusual and guard over his handler all night."

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The Bulletproof Dog That Stormed Bin Laden's Lair

Cairo served alongside the 80 Navy SEALs who took out Osama bin Laden -