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'Doctor Who' Explained in 25 GIFs

Doctor Who explained in 25 gifs-for those of us who are just starting out and wondering what the heck is going on-love this! :)

• Check this out – if you’re riding the rails in the New York area, you might find one of these BBC America banners around.

Ace characters: The Doctor. This is an interesting case because his romantic and sexual orientation are not static and appears to run the gamut of the spectrum. Doctors 2-7 are aromantic aces and, by all evidence so far, so are the War Doctor and 12; 1, 8, and 9 appear to be romantic aces; 11 a demiromantic (or possibly greyromantic) demisexual; and 10 appears to be allosexual and romantic.

Can't you just hear this in the Doctor's voice? But he should know it's called Malusdomesticaphobia (I, meanwhile, had to Google it).

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