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    • Jonathan Mejia

      The real: "Keep Calm and go on". Life goes on, as does work. A milkman delivering on a London street devastated during a German bombing raid. 1940.

    • Mike Lenz

      Vintage Photos

    • Alex McIntire

      This actually is the REAL meaning behind keep calm and carry on! British milkman goes about his daily routine after a German bombing raid on London during the London blitz.

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    A female air-warden carries a little girl after she had been rescued from her bombed home. England, The Second World War.

    Anne Frank poses in 1941 in this photo made available by Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In August of 1944, Anne, her family and others who were hiding from the occupying German Security forces, were all captured and shipped off to a series of prisons and concentration camps. Anne died from typhus at age 15 in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, but her posthumously published diary has made her a symbol of all Jews killed in World War II.

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    What "Keep Calm and Carry On" looks like. London Blitz 1940

    Two GIs doing laundry - World War II

    A sailor sharing a hot-dog with his girl. Coney Island, NY (1943)

    World War II Pin-up girl Margie Stewart visiting troops in Reims, France in June 1945

    A sailor and his date ejoying day in Central Park while he is on shore leave,1943.

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    Nabisco Shredded Wheat 1943.

    In France, an American officer and a French Resistance fighter are seen engaged in a street battle with German occupation forces during the days of liberation, August 1944, in an unknown city.

    Exhausted US Marines sprawl all over beaches while they wait for their LC to arrive and take them off Guadalcanal. The Marines had been left on the island for four months fighting the Japanese, all with waning supplies and growing wounded before the Army arrived to relieve them.

    US Marines play cards while their troop ship carries them to the hell they will come to know as the Battle of Iwo Jima


    US army over egypt, WWII

    WW2 recruitment poster designed to encourage women to actively become involved with the Army Nurse Corps.

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    May 10th,1940: Churchill becomes Prime Minister of Britain.

    A doctor once told Albert Brown he shouldn't expect to make it to 50, given the toll taken by his years in a Japanese labor camp during World War II and the infamous, often-deadly march that got him there. But the former dentist made it to 105, embodying the power of a positive spirit in the face of inordinate odds.

    Navy Lt. John Finn was the first man to receive the Medal of Honor for heroism during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

    Allen Dale June, one of the 29 original Navajo Code Talkers who confounded the Japanese during World War II by transmitting messages in their native language