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The vivid colors you can find under the sea are remarkable, but the patterns you can find in underwater nature are also spectacular.

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There are believed to be over 2000 species of starfish living in our oceans. They can be found in the warmest tropical waters as well as the cold seabed. The most common variety has five arms but amazingly you will find some with in excess of forty arms!

QualiMundi - Travel the world in an original way! #philippines #palawan #travel

Although the Starfish live under water and are commonly called "starfish," they are not fish. They do not have gills, scales or fins like fish do, and they are very different fish. As the fish continued to move their tails, Starfish have tiny tube feet to help them move along (see more on this below). While the five-armed variants of the sea star are the best known, not all Starfish have five arms.For example, the Sun star is up to 40 arms.

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