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A photo like this is somewhere in the Anderson Funeral Home archives

The Great Gatsby - Gatsby was killed by George Wilson. Nick had to put together the funeral. No one really came except for Gatsby's dad, Nick, and Owl Eyes. Gatsby might have seemed popular when he was a live but not when he died.

We'll snap a nice family photo while we're all there.

Vintage Funeral Photo (wish there was a link with this pin to know the story) Looks kind of Russian or Slavic?

Burial by SentinelPainting

Members of the Kennedy family at the funeral of assassinated president John F Kennedy in 1963. From left: Edward Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy (aged 6), Jacqueline Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy Jr

Victorian Funeral Card by peacocktaco, via Flickr

We didn't always have access to funeral homes. Often our loved ones were bought home. Many times a black wreath hung on the front door of the home. Folks would come to the home to pay their final respect to the family and the departed. Many times the living shared a meal and this became known as a"sit out." Although it is now illegal to have dead bodies at home, sit outs are still practiced in many southern black communities. Often times "sit outs" last more than a day or two.