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Noteworthy, because I believe I heard at one time that Colonel Sanders came up with Kentucky Fried Chicken because he didn't feel he could live on Social Security. He didn't think a government entitlement would give him the quality of life he wanted .

OBAMA TO USE CALIFORNIA SCHOOLS TO TEACH YOUNG STUDENTS HOW TO PROMOTE OBAMACARE TO THEIR FAMILIES | katenews2day -- California school officials will use their part of a $37M grant of taxpayer funds to teach school children how to promote Obamacare to their own families. Los Angeles Unified School District will use almost $1M to meet its goal to trains teens “to be messengers to family members” about how to take advantage of taxpayer subsidized Obamacare. [...] 06/29/13

Obamacare Operator Fired After Taking Call From Hannity; Hannity To Give Her A Year's Salary - Conservative Byte

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Political changes looming for America during a Trump Administration. From progressive liberalism to a new Nationalism.

It will never stop with a government like ours

Unfortunately, "deficit" and "debt" aren't the same. Deficit is just the amout spent over cash on hand. If there is ANY deficit, the debt will increase.