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    Floating, fur, Graphic Design, branding, creative, visual, inspiration

  • Beatrix Silverstein

    Charles Bergquist, Part of the Everyday Project

  • Videodreams

    via #Dreams #Inspiration #Photography

  • Ben Millwood

    Charles Bergquist is a designer, photographer, and director from out in San Diego, California. He beautifully weaves together elements of both design and photography and the abstract and the real.

  • V

    Tags: Charles Bergquist, art, concept, photography, Surrealism, trend, artistic, Black and White, style #aritziacleanslate

  • Lisa Romagnoli

    Photo Art by Charles Bergquist

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I dreamt I was trapped in a horrible underground maze, my only companion was a big black dog, it kept me alive...the midgets with razor blades wanted to cut my throat everytime I would start to fall asleep....the dog would bite my hand to keep me awake. It was weird.

#1 Death, Melaten Cologne this fits under the fear/fractured catergory because Death is the number one thing that scares me. Even though I kinda like the idea of it, I don't like the idea that I won't be free anymore/

would it be weird to want a painting like this in my house. of course not coz this shit is the shit

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