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Some days you got it all together You swear you have it figured out Other days you're stumbling and a wondering What the hell it's all about Life's kind of funny like that Sometimes you're the dog sometimes you're the cat All you can do is just keep going And thank God for what you have Keep chuggin' along Keep singing your song #lukebryan

There are some things out that don't deserve you so let them go if they are not helping you develop or grow. Let go of toxic things to make room for what you deserve in your life which is nothing but happiness, peace, and love.

"Don't worry 'bout nothing, Let it go, see what tomorrow brings. Don't worry 'bout nothing, Pray about everything." [Pray about everything] - Luke Bryan

goals are good but happiness is the best! really really really really really :)


Horses Give You Wings Bracelet

Double horseshoes with a turquoise accent bead say “horses give you wings” etched on the back. Find more of our horse inspired jewelry at

I ♥ the wisdom of childhood toys. # Pin++ for Pinterest #

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