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Ummm, this is amazing. Upload a picture, copy/paste lyrics, quotes, whatever... And you get this.

I like the idea of taking the picture from the first & last day of school to show how much they've grown and writing about the highlights from the year.

Giving students prompts for ideas (such as: I like, I adore, I am, I want to, I long for, I don't understand, I live for, I eat, My family is, etc.) This way, students as young as fifth grade can use the prompts from which to dive off.

First, let every student make a fingerprint onto white paper. Next, blow up their fingerprints using the photocopier (8×10 or larger). Then, Have your kids write words and phrases about themselves along the lines and whorls of their fingerprints, and sign

I finished my thumbprint biography! (There is a special kind of satisfaction in actually completing projects found on Pinterest....)

Get A Free Writer’s Toolkit. Click the link below to get a free writer’s toolkit compliments of Click here = > Standard s&h applies

Fingerprint "Self-portraits" - scan and enlarge fingerprints, then students write descriptive paragraph over fingerprint design using transparent paper. Can use color or black-and-white.

Photocopy fingerprints, blow up and frame. Write on the fingerprint lines to create a story or description of yourself

have kids put their faces on pictures found in magazines, and then write a story about themselves in that situation. these have the potential to be hilarious!