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  • Emma Kegerris

    Sierra Boggess I want this hair color!!!

  • Emily Ranney

    Sierra Boggess not only is she a great musical actress but i love her hair

  • Marcy Ruiz

    Sierra Bogess. Sierra Bogess is the most stunningly beautiful and pitch perfect actress I have ever observed on Broadway or anywhere. She is a winner in my book. Sometimes singers and actors are too closed off, too loud and cheezy, or the type of actor you see all the time. But Sierra is one who you couldn't possibly forget. Don't ever let me hear you say you don't like her or you'll be sorry. Brava Sierra! Brava! :)

  • Anne Louise

    Sierra Boggess... my fav broadway star ever! little mermiad and christine daae

  • Proctor Lankford

    She's beautiful. #SierraBoggess

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Picture of Sierra Boggess

Sierra Boggess. The best hair, an incredible voice, a totally quirky sense of humour and a really lovely person. She IS Ariel and by far my favourite Christine.

Sierra Boggess -- CAN I HAVE HER HAIR PL0X

Sierra Boggess I want her hair colour! :)

Sierra Boggess as Christine Daae from 25th anniversary of Phantom of the Opera, UK

Sierra Boggess -- One of the most amazing Christine's to ever hit the stage! I'm so sad she's done!

Sierra Boggess. Also see: flawless perfection in one human being ^^^^^that comment!!

"You watched us from your dark shadows, present in all the applause. You formed our song in your genius, for the words were yours!"