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    Muggles gonna muggle


    damn straight you would!


    Harry Potter vs. Twilight

    I wish, Thor!!

    I couldn`t agree more.

    I pity Snape, and I (in some ways) admire his love for Lily. Snape was a brave man and loyal too; nevertheless, he certainly wasn't a kind man. He could be cruel. Lily wasn't an idiot. There was a reason she chose James over Snape, and the movies kind of glossed right over it. He had a sad life (which could redeem some of his bad behavior), but much of Snape's unhappiness was a result of his own choices. He never let go of Lily, but he also never let go of his bitterness either.

    We'd like to go to there

    I am not okay. Excuse me, I have to lie down in fetal position and sob for the next 100 years. That was NOT ok.

    so true, it was the main reason I wished I had magical powers and that Harry Potter was an indepth historical novel.

    Snape is one sassy beech

    Muggle drama



    Hipster Lupin


    Rowling FTW!

    Harry Potter life lessons. Harry taught me all of this, and so so much more. I'm a Potterhead. Always.

    Molly Weasley makes Chuck Norris eat his vegetables. #HarryPotter #MollyWeasley #ChuckNorris #humor #meme

    Alan Rickman voiced GPS. Snape approves. (That would be funny as heck, but I bet there would be alot of them found broken after a while too hehe)