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budgie - green parakeet.. I think we had about 10 of these. They kept getting out and flying away or flying into the wringer washer or soup pot. Of course I didn't know this untill I was an adult. LOL

Budgie I had one just like this and named it Penny because we won it with a penny at a carnival. I taught him to say: Pretty Penny, I love you, Pretty Penny is a good boy

Budgerigar. Taken through the wire mesh of its aviary.

Growing up I had a parakeet named Pretty Boy and he loved to talk and chatter. He would sit on my mama's or my shoulder while we did the dishes.

Speckled Blue Budgie This one looks like my parakeet "Diva"

Beautiful blue. His name is Bjorn. When we were kids we had a budgie this colour and his name was Charlie.

A budgerigar. I LOVE budgerigars. As a matter of fact I love all parrots.

I have a pet parakeet named Clarabelle that looks very similar to this budgie.

Blue and black budgie in hand facing away from camera showing it's wing. Bird

Looks like the parakeet I had when I was growing up ~ they're so much fun to have. From Inspiration Lane.