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DOMINIC - A1083233 - - Manhattan **TO BE DESTROYED 08/05/16** “They’re better off indoors than outdoors” was the pompous judgement of whoever “found” these five kittens in the Bronx….if the word “find” can be stretched to mean “lured into a carrier with food.” Really? That whole scenario stinks, and one wonders how the “finder” or “trapper” or “former owner” KNEW that DEMI, DEAN

Meet Robin, an adoptable Pit Bull Terrier looking for a forever home. If you’re looking for a new pet to adopt or want information on how to get involved with adoptable pets, is a great resource.

SPACEY - A1049043 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 08/29/15***Sweet tiny SPACEY is all fluffy and baby kitten cuteness. She was brought into the shelter as a stray without her litter mates or mom cat. This adorable 8 week old white and gray girl with the little pink nose is open to affection and will be soon ready to go to a beginner forever home and be a loyal companion. The problem is this adorable baby kitten will be put to death today if she’s not fostered. Because sh

ELTON - A1090958 - - Brooklyn *** TO BE DESTROYED 09/26/16 *** ELTON & GLENMORE ARE TWO LITTLE TABBIES WITH COLDS….They could use some TLC and of course, rescue…..Both are friendly and allowed all handling. And they say it is better to adopt two kittens at the same time so they have another kitten to play with. SO WHY NOT ELTON & GLENMORE?? They are publicly adoptable or you can apply to a New Hope rescue to foster…EITHER WAY IT’S A WIN FO

LENOX - A1044955 - - Manhattan *** TO BE DESTROYED 08/12/15*** SECOND CHANCE FOR THIS DREAMY KITTEN!! LENOX is pretty as fine china. But he sure does feel like he’s going to break if he has to be at the ACC much longer! The 10 month old, NEUTERED boy has been surrendered ,citing personal problems! LEXOX was very afraid and timid at intake but was easy to handle and solicited limited attention.But he’s stressed at the shelter and may take time to warm up to his

HATCHIE - A1039063 - - Manhattan ***TO BE DESTROYED 06/23/15*** NEW BABY AND ALLERGIES WERE THE REASON HATCHIE WAS DUMPED IN THE SHELTER AND NOW WITH A COLD THEY WILL JUST CURE HER WITH A LETHAL INJECTION. HATCHIE’S owner got her when she was a kitten and now is having a baby. She felt that with asthma that HATCHIE would be better of dumped in a shelter who probably promised to find her a home. NOW HATCHIE DIES AT NOON because she has a cold. HATCHIE got a great EXPE

MISS - A1092719 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 10/14/16*** PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND CATS BEFORE THEY GO DUMPING THEM! ANOTHER OWNER DUMP, DUE TO “HOUSE SOILING ISSUES.” Yet has not been seen by a vet. MISS is 12 years old and SPAYED, so it can very well be something as simple to cure as a UTI! There are other things that can cause this behavior that a competent vet can see and explain. But she was the previous owners cat since she was a kitten…and they